About Us

Mission Statement
Blue Leaf strives to provide professional expertise in fisheries studies, with the goal of understanding and finding project solutions for our clients.

What is Blue Leaf?
Blue Leaf Environmental is a consulting firm that specializes in a variety of environmental services from fisheries administration support services and feasibility studies to large-scale survival studies.  Our staff has expertise in the challenges of fish passage of numerous anadromous and catadromous fishes, through hands on behavioral studies conducted throughout the U.S. and worldwide on a variety of species.

Who are we?
Blue Leaf is a unique group of highly skilled scientists and database engineers with supporting technical and administrative staff that specializes in applied fisheries science. Blue Leaf personnel have a documented track record of conducting successful environmental studies in rivers and lakes throughout the Pacific Northwest, including the Columbia River basin, and worldwide. We have the experience to ensure adaptive management plans are based on measurable endpoints and attainable goals set forth by the National Marine Fisheries Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission licenses. Our staff has expertise in biotelemetry studies using simple mark and recapture to advanced hydroacoustic techniques, which include presence/absence, 2-D, and 3-D fine scale movement and DIDSON sonar. Blue Leaf's researchers have advanced degrees from leading colleges and universities across the United States, with many of us involved, or having past involvement, in activities on national and international professional societies along with regional committees that are shaping fisheries management that include:

Professional Societies:
The American Fisheries Society
     - Washington-British Columbia, Oregon, and Idaho Chapters
     - Bioengineering Section
The Wildlife Society, Washington Chapter
World Sturgeon Conservation Society
North American Sturgeon and Paddlefish Society

Regional Committees:
Columbia Basin JSATS (Juvenile Salmon Acoustic Telemetry System) User Group
Pacific Lamprey Best Management Practices Working Group
Priest Rapids Bypass Design Team for Grant County Public Utility District
Inland Avian Predation Working Group for Grant County Public Utility District
Northwest Power Conservation Council Fish Tagging Forum