Data Management & Reporting

The Blue Leaf team efficiently collects, organizes, analyzes project data, and presents our clients with information in various formats that meet their project needs. Our IT and database managers possess expertise in wide-area network administration, server and data management, custom software development, data quality control, backup and storage, and data analysis and reporting tools. 

For example, in telemetry based projects, detection data arrives in the hands of our database managers through satellite or other efficient methods defined by the project, and is quickly processed and uploaded into databases.  Custom software created by our programmers is used to gather and update other project data while a study is being conducted.  Every detail is important, and an extensive quality control effort maintains the accuracy of the dataset, while our IT processes ensure reliable data communication and the data is securely backed up. 
Periodic results are provided to our clients upon request, according to a schedule, or real-time via the secure Blue Leaf web reporting system.  Some of the software packages used by our team for data management, analysis and reporting include Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, SigmaPlot, Tecplot, ArcGIS, and WebFOCUS.  We can provide you with information ranging from raw tabular data to complex spatial analyses; clients have the ability to view their project data and reports using our web-based reporting tools.  

Blue Leaf is committed to maintaining secure and accurate data, meeting reporting obligations, and giving resource managers the tools they need for decision making.

View Your Data Anytime
One of the principal beliefs of Blue Leaf Environmental is that clients should always have access to their data.  We understand that we are not working with our data but your data and believe that you should have access to that data at any time.  It is for this reason that we have created an online, secure data interface for clients.  We never want to be between you and your data; quite the opposite, we want to facilitate access.