Key Personnel

Blue Leaf's team consists of scientists, database engineers and technical specialists who work side by side.

Cindy Fitzgerald
Database Manager/Programmer
Cindy Fitzgerald has more than 18 years of experience as a Database Manager and Programmer. She has provided data management solutions for large scale biotelemetry evaluations throughout the Pacific Northwest ...View Profile

Julie Harper
Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Julie Harper is a Fish and Wildlife Biologist with over a decade of experience, seven years in the Columbia River basin, and eleven in the Pacific Northwest. Ms. Harper is an expert in the application of radio- and GPS-telemetry......View Profile

Kyle Hatch
Senior Fishery Biologist
Kyle Hatch is a Senior Fishery Biologist with seven years of professional experience in the Columbia, Snake and Yakima River basins focused on survival and behavior evaluations of...View Profile

Nicole Ogan
Fishery Biologist
Nicole Ogan is a Fishery Biologist with more than eight years of diverse research experience, including being the lead tagging surgeon for projects in the Pacific Northwest and East Coast. Ms. Ogan has expertise...View Profile

Suzie Rizor
Suzie Rizor is a biologist and has more than 15 years of experience, with 11 years in the mid-Columbia River basin.  Ms. Rizor has assisted in the management of large scale acoustic telemetry studies...View Profile

Dave Robichaud
Senior Ecologist/Biometrician
Dr. David Robichaud is a Senior Ecologist and Biometrician whose expertise is in the field of behavioral ecology. His professional career started with LGL Limited in 2001, and has focused on...View Profile

Mark Timko
Senior Fishery Biologist
Mark Timko is a Senior Fishery Biologist with more than 25 years of fisheries experience. Mr. Timko has been responsible for designing and conducting large-scale multi-year biotelemetry studies of various ...View Profile

Michele Timko
Office Manager/Bookkeeper/Biologist
Michele Timko has managed the Blue Leaf office since 2011. Ms. Timko gained her office management expertise through years of experience managing a laboratory in Seattle, WA and Nairobi, Kenya for ...View Profile

Corey Wright
Senior Fishery Biologist
Corey Wright is a Senior Fishery Biologist with over 17 years of experience. Mr. Wright currently manages multiple projects involving adult and juvenile sturgeon, including broodstock collection, hatchery supplementation... View Profile


We offer consultations, at no cost, to discuss your project and needs. We have technical expertise in nearly all facets of fisheries telemetry and are happy to share what we’ve learned over the years. We are not a manufacturing company and thus are not bound to a particular product or vendor. This allows us to have tremendous flexibility in project design and to implement technologies where appropriate. For example, in one study alone this season we are using equipment from Lotek, HTI, Biomark, Teknologic, and InterOcean Systems to provide answers to a very complex question on the Columbia River. We are a leading source of knowledge in the industry and we are always willing to share that knowledge. If you are considering a study please drop us an email or give us a call.

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