Staff - Audrey Thompson

Ms. Thompson is a Senior Aquatic Biologist based out of our Bellingham, Washington office. Ms. Thompson has diverse experience in numerous aspects of consulting that have ranged from small scale fish population assessments on Washington and California rivers to large scale salmon survival and injury assessment studies on the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Ms. Thompson has led fisheries investigations at hydropower projects that have included survival and behavioral evaluations, injury assessment, mark-recapture, and predator-prey interaction studies. Other research conducted by Ms. Thompson has included population structure, trophic ecology, distribution and in-basin movement evaluations and genetic analysis, mortality associated with passage through small scale agricultural dam systems, and impacts of Atlantic salmon aquaculture on juvenile wild salmon survival in British Columbia.

Ms. Thompson is an expert with a variety of acoustic telemetry systems for monitoring movement and behavior of salmonids in riverine environments, and has provided field testing and insight into improvements to existing technologies. She is a strong technical writer and has given many presentations at public forums, scientific conferences, and relicensing/regulatory meetings. Ms. Thompson serves as a peer reviewer for the North American Journal of Fisheries Management, providing technical review.

Ms. Thompson completed a MS in Organismal Biology and Ecology at the University of Montana in 2007 and a BA in Biology/Ecology at Colgate University in 2004.