Staff - Cody Fouts

Cody Fouts is a Biologist/Ecologist with 10 years of experience. Since 2012, Mr. Fouts has worked to conserve species- and ecosystems-at-risk. His research has involved adapting novel technologies and approaches to solve complex ecological challenges. His work explores the ecology of mammals, birds, reptile, amphibians, insects, and vegetation; assesses impacts of human−wildlife interactions and proposes mitigation consistent with responsible resource stewardship; and synthesizes and tests tenants of theoretical ecology on wild systems. Mr. Fouts is skilled at study design, analysis, modelling, data collection and management, and reporting.

Mr. Fouts graduated from St. Mary’s University with a M.Sc. in Applied Science (Ecology) in 2018 and a B.Sc. in Wildlife Biology from Murray State University in 2012.