Staff - Julie Maenhout

Julie Maenhout is a Wildlife Biologist with over eight years of experience, three years in the Columbia River basin, and seven in the Pacific Northwest.

Ms. Maenhout is an expert in the application of radio- and GPS-telemetry to meet study objectives. She has conducted studies using biotelemetry techniques on a wide range of aquatic and terrestrial wildlife species. Research studies that Ms. Maenhout has managed throughout the United States have included investigations of general biology, behavior, movement and dispersal, genetic diversity, feeding characteristics, two-choice trials, as well as habitat assessments. Ms. Maenhout also has experience in environmental services including reviewing NEPA documentation (e.g. EAs and EISs) and conducting environmental reviews.

Ms. Maenhout has extensive training and work experience with wildlife capture, animal handling, chemical immobilization and tagging (surgical, external fixation, and subcutaneous) for a wide range of terrestrial and aquatic wildlife species. Ms. Maenhout has extensive experience adhering to the animal welfare act, local, state and federal laws pertinent to working with wildlife species and toxicants. She completed a MS in Forest Science at Oregon State University in 2013 and a BS in Zoology at University of Washington in 2000.