Staff - Micheal Meagher

Michael Meagher is a Senior Software Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in database and application design, development and maintenance for biological and environmental monitoring projects and has managed technical work teams. 

Mr. Meagher manages database systems, data upload and develops web-based database and reporting systems for real-time tracking of downstream juvenile salmon and steelhead in the mid-Columbia River basin. 

His areas of expertise include the use of SQL Server and WebFocus for data management and analysis of large fisheries data sets that have exceeded 100 million records, with real-time access by clients to field data sets for review and statistical analysis. He has generated a variety of analytical tools for large data sets that have ranged from water quality parameters to complex fisheries and wildlife analyses.  Mr. Meagher received a MS in Software Engineering from Seattle University in 1985 and a BS in Fishery Biology from the University of Washington in 1975.