Staff - Nicole Ogan

Fishery Biologist

Nicole Ogan is a Fishery Biologist with more than eight years of diverse research experience, including being the lead tagging surgeon for projects in the Pacific Northwest and East Coast. Ms. Ogan has expertise and professional training in fish handling, anesthesia, and surgical tag (passive integrated transponder [PIT], radio, and acoustic) implantation techniques used during biotelemetry evaluations of fish behavior and survival at hydroelectric facilities. She is skilled at tagging many species of fish, both juvenile and adult, in situ, and in a controlled environment. She is adept at utilizing appropriate capture, transportation, marking, holding, and release protocols based on objectives of a given study to ensure that fish experience minimal stress and best chances for survival. Ms. Ogan is also involved in all aspects of juvenile salmonid survival and behavior studies, lamprey passage evaluations, and white sturgeon monitoring. Coupled with surgical tagging, Ms. Ogan’s attention to detail is also utilized for tag management, biometrics, data entry, GIS, data analysis and reporting. Other fisheries and field techniques, such as fish husbandry, mark/recapture population estimates, spawning surveys, and gas-bubble-trauma monitoring are also part of her skill set. She also serves as Blue Leaf’s Safety Manager and is responsible for writing Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) plans

Ms. Ogan completed a BS in Biology from Central Washington University in 2009.