Staff - Suzie Rizor

Suzie Rizor is a Biologist with 12 years experience, seven in the mid-Columbia River Basin.

Ms. Rizor's expertise is in assisting in the management of large scale acoustic telemetry studies to assess downstream migration, timing, and distribution of juvenile salmon and steelhead as it is related to hydroelectric projects. She has also conducted various sampling efficiency studies to assess the status and distribution of bull trout and other salmonids. Ms. Rizor is proficient with ArcGIS to conduct complex spatial and behavioral analysis.

Ms. Rizor lead studies focused on animal damage management with both aquatic and terrestrial wildlife species for three years when she worked for the National Wildlife Research Center. She was an active board member for the Washington Chapter of The Wildlife Society from 2009 through 2013. Ms. Rizor completed a BS in Biology from Eastern Oregon University in 2000.