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We've used telemetry techniques in fisheries that have ranged from basic PIT tag movement to acoustic three-dimensional fine-scale tracking and fish interactions with DIDSON sonar applications.  Let us share with you our field experiences and help you set the stage for a successful project.

Since 1963, ATS has been committed to providing researchers and managers in ecology and biology with fish and wildlife tracking and monitoring products of the highest quality and reliability...Visit Website

For over 20 years Biomark has been a worldwide supplier in electronic identification technology to the fish, wildlife and other natural resource conservation communities...Visit Website

BioSonics offers the widest range of hydroacoustic solutions for monitoring and assessing aquatic biological and physical resources...Visit Website

BioSonics Telemetry offers acoustic telemetry solutions for tagging, tracking, and analyzing movement of fish and other animals as they travel through fresh water and marine environments...Visit Website

Since 1957, Floy Tag & Manufacturing, Inc. has been assisting biologists in obtaining valid data on a wide variety of fishes, producing more than 100 million tags in that time.  We serve government agencies, international associations, universities, and consultants worldwide...  Visit Website

HTI manufactures hydroacoustic (sonar) fisheries research equipment, specializing in acoustic tags, acoustic tag receivers and active hydroacoustic systems.Visit Website

For over 60 years, InterOcean Systems, Inc. has been the world leader in the design and manufacture of premier quality oceanographic and environmental equipment...Visit Website

Lotek fish & wildlife monitoring systems allow researchers in over 100 countries worldwide to track animals, birds and fish of almost any size, in almost any environment... Visit Website

Smith-Root has long been a respected member of the aquatic resource conservation community. With on-site manufacturing facilities, Smith-Root produces a full-line of electrofishing, fish guidance, and electroanesthesia equipment to aid in fish restoration and recovery operations in various aquatic settings... Visit Website

Since the company was started more than 60 years ago, Simrad has grown to be a world leader in equipment for fishery research... single and multibeam echo sounders and sonars are used on research vessels all around the world... Visit Website

Sonotronics is a unique solutions provider: manufacturing ultrasonic transmitters, receivers, and hydrophones for the tracking and relocation of animals and equipment underwater.  Sonotronics products are used around the world in every ocean, and in rivers, lakes, and reservoirs...Visit Website

Based in Lake Forest Park, Washington, Sound Metrics Corporation designs and manufactures imaging sonars that deliver the clearest, most detailed video images in their class...Visit Website

Teknologic offers engineering solutions with expertise in applications that include navigation, environmental, and acoustic sensors...Visit Website

Teledyne Benthos, Inc. is a leading provider of underwater technology, equipment and systems with advanced product designs for scientific research applications that include: high-speed acoustic modems, side scan sonar systems, remotely operated vehicles (ROV), acoustics releases, glass flotation spheres, acoustic pingers, transponders and hydrophones...Visit Website

Since 1979, scientists have relied on VEMCO equipment. From transmitters and receivers to temperature and depth data storage recorders, VEMCO products have revolutionized how scientists conduct field research...Visit Website


We offer consultations, at no cost, to discuss your project and needs. We have technical expertise in nearly all facets of fisheries telemetry and are happy to share what we’ve learned over the years. We are not a manufacturing company and thus are not bound to a particular product or vendor. This allows us to have tremendous flexibility in project design and to implement technologies where appropriate. For example, in one study alone this season we are using equipment from Lotek, HTI, Biomark, Teknologic, and InterOcean Systems to provide answers to a very complex question on the Columbia River. We are a leading source of knowledge in the industry and we are always willing to share that knowledge. If you are considering a study please drop us an email or give us a call.

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