Blue Leaf provides exceptional environmental consulting services.

Our firm offers a broad range of services from the collection and handling of fish to data management and analysis of large-scale survival and behavioral studies using a variety of fish telemetry and communication technologies that have included (a) presence/absence via radio and acoustic telemetry including JSATS with Biosonics Telemetry, Lotek, Teknologic, and VEMCO, (b) 2D and 3D fish tracking with HTI, and (c) sonar imaging with DIDSON.

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Vendor Solutions

Let us share with you our field experiences and help you set the stage for a successful project.

We've used telemetry techniques in fisheries that have ranged from basic PIT tag movement to acoustic three-dimensional fine-scale tracking and fish interactions with DIDSON sonar applications.

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Data Access

Our data specialists work with clients to view and analyze their data real-time.

Blue Leaf is proud to be a cohesive group of biologists, database engineers, and technical specialists that work hard to protect and deliver your project data. As a client, you have secure login privileges with web access available to view your data while we process and analyze it for you. It’s simple, it isn’t our data - it’s yours.

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