Staff - Kyle Hatch

Kyle Hatch is a Senior Fishery Biologist with seven years of professional experience in the Columbia, Snake and Yakima River basins focused on survival and behavior evaluations of migrating juvenile salmonids through hydroelectric projects. Mr. Hatch has acted as Project Manager in oversight for all aspects of study design, implementation, data analysis, and reporting for large scale acoustic telemetry evaluations of juvenile salmon at the Priest Rapids Project. Mr. Hatch has effectively designed and implemented studies to meet the objectives of quantifying fish collection efficiency, fish passage efficiency, survival (concrete, reservoir, and project), and behavior (e.g. upstream movement, migration, and residence time). Additionally, he is skilled with the application and interpretation of complex statistical models using R Studio; including generalized linear models, mixed models, and bioenergetics modeling. Mr. Hatch has been involved in aquatic ecology practices, and has overseen the analysis of macroinvertebrate population density and structure in tributary systems. Furthermore, Mr. Hatch is an expert in numerous field sampling and monitoring techniques, from stream sampling with backpack electrofishing to tagging techniques with passive integrated transmitters (PIT).

Mr. Hatch graduated from the Central Washington University with a M.S. in Fisheries in 2015 and a B.S. in Ecology in 2010.